Eric Was Told He Had 5 Years To Live Then He Adoped Peety And This Dog Saved His Life.

Who rescued who?


Eric weighed 350 pounds had Diabetes and high blood pressure. His doctor told him to buy a burial plot as he would maybe live for 5 years. Needing to make a change Eric contacted a nutritionist whose first assignment was to adopt a shelter dog.

Here comes Peety.

This is where the transformation begins. Once acclimated to each other the two began daily walks. Over the course of the next year Eric lost over 100 pounds and Peety lost 20. This life changing event really brings the term “who rescued who” into sharp focus. With hard work and determination anything is possible don’t believe me check out this guy. ¬†Watch the inspiring story of Eric and Peety below and believe that anything is possible.

Credit YouTube Mutual Rescue