Clean A Burned Cookie Sheet Or Pan With Dryer Sheets.

Dryer Sheets To The Rescue.

It’s time to clean a burned cookie sheet. We have all been there, a burned pan that no amount of soaking will get clean. Who wants to sit and scrub for hours? In this video watch as a horribly burned pan comes clean with ease using dryer sheets. This video was recently featured on The Doctors TV show on CBS.┬áIn the video we see a badly burned cookie sheet with gobs of baked on cheese. Simply add hot water and a few dryer sheets and let soak. The dryer sheets will work with the hot water and react with whatever is sticking to the bottom of the pan. Afterwards, simply wipe away the previously baked on food. Check out these pans and avoid trouble all together. This trick will work on all kinds of pots and pans as well as any other cooking utensils you may use. I have even seen it clean a crock pot. Check out the video below and don’t forget to share this amazing kitchen hack with all of you friends.

Clean A Burned Cookie Sheet.

I am all for easy cleaning and kitchen hacks and this one looks good to me for a try. There is also a microwave cleaning video that uses an apple to make your microwave shine. Take a look at both videos and don’t forget to share.

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