Reporters Filming A Story About A Stolen Bike Notice Something Strange As They Are Leaving.

News reporters have a sharp eye.

When local reporters went to film a simple story about a young girls bike being stolen they thought it would be just another day on the job. Little did they know what they would find after the interview was over. A local barista and tri-athlete had her $2000 dollar bike stolen from the coffee shop where she works. After the social media buzz of the theft took off. Fox 4 News sent a team to get the story. After filming the piece the photojournalist noticed something strange while driving away from the scene.

It’s time to go Colombo on him.

Some quick detective work was all that it took and they had their man. Watch as the he is confronted with some clever questions. The criminal is put on the spot and quickly confesses to the crime. After a short time the bike was returned and police were called to take care of the brazen thief. Great job by the news team for having a sharp eye for detail and quick wit to bring the confession. I haven’t seen such quality news work since the king of newsmen did his thing. Enjoy the news clip below as the escapade happens in real-time.

Credit YouTube Fox 4 news Dallas-Fort-worth