DIY Cleaning Slime – Homemade Cleaning Made Easy And Fun.

DIY Cleaning Slime.

How To Make DIY Cleaning Slime – Homemade DIY Slime, Air Vent Cleaning. Cleaning your house is a chore that doesn’t have to be boring. Try making homemade slime and put some fun back into cleaning. Slime or putty for cleaning is a relatively new concept, yet it is simple and fun to make and use. There are many cleaning slime pins on Pinterest. These cleaning pins all have different cleaning methods.


Slime Is Easy To Make.

The cleaning slime is made up of just 4 ingredients. They are school glue, liquid starch, water and shaving cream. Simply mix the products together and begin to walk around the house cleaning any and everything. There are many videos showing how to make slime with glue, and how to make slime without glue. Many instructions include making slime with starch, or making slime with borax. There is no one right way to make cleaning slime. In this video, we take the cleaning slime and begin to work it into a very dusty air vent in the home. The slime gets into the cracks and pulls the dirt, debris and dust away like magic.


Make Your Own Cleaning Slime.

Many cleaning slime DIY videos don’t use shaving cream, I feel it makes the cleaning solution hold together better and smell great. You can use cleaning slime for your car or even cleaning slime for a bedroom. It doesn’t matter where you decide to put this life hack to use. Hopefully this cleaning slime recipe will help in your house cleaning or bathroom cleaning routine.

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