Casey Niestat reviews the McLobster roll, yes it’s a real thing.

McDonald’s sells a lobster roll?

Casey Niestat is the king of YouTube. So when he does a review of something people notice. Today he is reviewing the McLobster roll at McDonald’s. Yes, you read that correctly, McDonald’s sells a lobster roll. Now, anyone from the east coast knows you can find amazing Lobster Rolls at hundreds of locations, so why someone would choose to have theirs at McDonald’s is beyond me.

Casey Niestat makes great videos.

The review goes as expected for someone who has access to some of the best Lobster rolls in the country. Casey Niestat is on point in the review and as always makes an amazing video. Check out one of my favorite videos he has done here. Enjoy the review and go get a real lobster roll if you have the chance.

Credit YouTube Caseyniestat