How To Clean A Pan With A Dryer Sheet.

Clean a pan with a dryer sheet.

Cleaning pans after cooking is a chore no one enjoys. This kitchen hack will save you time and effort when washing pans. Simply place a dryer sheet into the scorched pan with a small amount of water and let soak. After a short time, come back and the burned on food will slide off of the pan with ease. Using dryer sheets to clean in the kitchen is an amazing trick. These pans hold up well in the kitchen.

Dryer sheets clean all types of pans.

Dryer sheets will clean pots, pans, cookie sheets, cake pans and almost any cooking surface. It can be frustrating to have a cookie sheet ruined with burned or baked on stains. Take a look at an example of dryer sheets cleaning cookie sheets. Try this method in your kitchen on your pots, pans and cookie sheets. See it in action down below.


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