How To Clean Rusty Tools Using Bar Keepers Friend.

Clean Rusty Tools.

How to clean rusty tools using Bar Keepers Friend. Cleaning and restoring old rusty tools can be a real challenge. This video shows how to remove rust and years of neglect with Bar Keepers Friend powder.

So Easy To Use And Clean Rusty Tools.

This is the best way to clean rusty tools. Simply sprinkle a small amount of the cleaning product on your old rusty tools and add a small amount of water. Using a scrub pad or wire brush, work the Bar Keepers Friend into the rusty tool. Once complete, simply rinse with water.

Not Just For Tools.

This method will clean and remove rust and years of grease buildup. You can use Bar Keepers Friend to clean a crescent wrench, sockets, saws and any other tool that has a coating of rust. This trick will work for baking sheets and pans as well. I have not found a product that cleans as well as this powder. I use it on all tools, pans and surfaces. It really brings out the shine on stainless steel. Let me know in the comments how this hack works for you, and what you have cleaned with Bar Keepers Friend.

Credit YouTube Eddiegotfunnyjokes