This Trick Will Clean And Save Your Countertop.

Clean And Save Countertop.

Cleaning a Countertop is a chore that doesn’t have to be difficult. After years of use, Countertop surfaces can begin to dull and show stains. This is an easy way to clean a Countertop and remove stains. Countertop resurfacing is expensive and replacing countertops can cost even more. In this video, we show how to clean Countertops with Bar Keepers Friend.

Bar Keepers Friend Cleans.

First simply wet the area to be cleaned. Next, sprinkle the cleaning solution onto the stained area. Use a mild abrasive scrub pad to work the cleaning powder into the stain. Finally wipe clean with a cloth. This method of cleaning is safe for countertop paint and countertop epoxy. No need for a countertop makeover or new countertop installation when you can make it shine like new with Bar Keepers Friend . If you have countertop ideas to share or countertop diy information, please share in the comments.

Save Time And Money.

I hope this kitchen cleaning trick will help you save time and save money and avoid costly countertop resurfacing. You can see with just a little Bar Keepers Friend and some elbow grease, you can perform a complete countertop transformation.

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