How To Clean A Faucet, Remove Hard Water Stains, Restore And Polish With Bar Keepers Friend.

Clean A Faucet With Ease.

How to clean a faucet, remove hard water stains, restore and polish with Bar Keepers Friend. Cleaning a faucet in the tub, shower or sink can be a difficult chore. Years of hard water deposits and soap scum can make any bathroom fixture dull and dirty. Yet, cleaning a faucet and bringing back the shine could not be easier.

Simple Cleaning Method.

This method will work for cleaning a faucet in a bathtub or shower, or the sink of the kitchen and bathroom. No need to hire a professional for faucet cleaning or buying expensive faucet cleaner. Follow the easy steps to learn how to clean a bathroom like a professional. First, wet the area to be cleaned. Next sprinkle a small amount of Bar Keepers Friend powder onto the faucet, then scrub with a mildly abrasive scrubbing pad. Finally rinse with water and see the shine of a new bathtub or kitchen faucet.

Shines Like Brand New.

This is the easiest and most effective way to clean the bathroom and will save time and money. Hard water stains and rust can make a bathroom fixture look old and outdated. Don’t replace it, just restore it with Bar Keepers Friend and a little elbow grease. Bar Keepers Friend can be used on all surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom for cleaning and works well on many other items. I have used it to clean a baking sheet , Stainless Steel, pots and pans, glass¬†and even to remove rust from old tools. Try this cleaning trick the next time you have a tough job be it bathroom cleaning or kitchen sink cleaning and see the results for yourself.


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