How To Clean A Pan, Bar Keepers Friend VS Easy Scrub.

How To Clean A Pan.

How to clean a pan, Bar Keepers Friend VS Easy Scrub. Cleaning a pan, cookie sheet, baking sheet or cast iron pan can be difficult. This will show the easy way to clean a pan with Bar Keepers Friend. Old cookie sheets and pans can become rusty and filled with burnt on grease and stains. On one side of the pan easy scrub cleaner is used and worked into the pan with a scrubbing pad. On the other side of the rusty pan a powdered product called Bar Keepers Friend is sprinkled and mixed with a small amount of water. The Bar Keepers Friend seems to work the best and removes the dirt and grime. It also seemed to remove rust from the bottom of the pan.

Easy Way To Clean A Pan.

The same scrubbing pad is used to remove rust, burned and baked on stains. As you can see the Bar Keepers Friend cleans the pan with ease and restores the old cake pan to a clean shine. You can clean cookie sheets, baking sheets, frying pans and any other metal surface with this product. Here is an example of Bar Keepers Friend cleaning a cookie sheet VS regular soap.  When trying to figure out a way of how to clean a pan, I would suggest trying Bar Keepers Friend and seeing what results you get. Let me know in the comments what you have used Bar Keepers Friend to clean.

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