How To Clean The Most Destroyed Cookie Sheet Ever!

Clean A Cookie Sheet.

How To Clean A Cookie Sheet. Clean Burned And Baked On Stains, Bar Keepers Friend. Cleaning a badly stained and burned cookie sheet, baking tray or pan can be a real chore. In this example I found the worst example of a burnt pan I could find at the second-hand store and put it up against Bar Keepers Friend. I used a small amount of water and placed the Cleaning powder on the dirty pan. It was so badly burned and stained I wasn’t sure what was even underneath.


The Best Way To Easy Clean.

I began to scrub with a metal scrubbing pad and checked every few moments to see if I was getting anywhere in cutting through the grease and grime on the cookie sheet. After a few minutes the burned stains on the baking sheet began to lift revealing a shiny metal cookie sheet below. I didn’t clean the entire pan for this cleaning demonstration but it did show the power of Bar Keepers Friend when it comes to easy cleaning of tough burned on food and grease. Before throwing away an ugly burned pan, cake pan or cookie sheet try this method of how to clean a cookie sheet. Let me know in the comments if this cleaning trick worked for you.


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