Brothers Convince Sister Of Zombie Apocalypse After Her Dental Surgery. She’s So Confused.

Zombie apocalypse is here.

People do some strange things after dental surgery. Something about those drugs really does a number on your thoughts. In this case a couple of big brothers decided to have a little fun at their sisters expense. After her dental surgery the brothers pick her up and begin the trick. A perfectly placed fake emergency warning over the radio and a call for mom was all it took to induce her panic.

What kind of cake are we taking?

Watch as they make her decide all of the important decisions for their trip to Mexico to avoid the zombies. Will they take the cat or the dog? What kind of cake mix to bring? The brothers play the prank beautifully before letting her off the hook. She seems to get pretty upset, but not as upset as this little guy who wants to go to the broccoli farm. Hope you enjoy and watch for her response to the question about speaking Spanish, it made my week.

Credit YouTube Cabot Phillips