Simply The Easiest Way To Clean And Restore Metal.

Clean And Restore Metal.

Oreck XL Cleaner VS Bar Keepers Friend, Metal Cleaning Experiment, Remove Stains And Corrosion. Over time, metals of all kinds become tarnished and stained due to use and age. This will show the best way to clean and restore metal. Today we pit two completely different cleaning agents against each other to see which will clean an antique metal serving bowl. Oreck all-purpose cleaner also known as the o-monster is generally used to clean Oreck products such as the Oreck XL Air Purifier with the Truman Cell. It is also a strong cleaning solution to be used in the kitchen and for bathroom cleaning.

Bar Keepers Friend.

We also tested Bar Keepers Friend. This product has a wide range of cleaning uses including Porcelain Bathtub cleaning and of course in the kitchen. Bar Keepers Friend can be used to clean pans and all sorts of stainless steel. It is an excellent rust remover and will clean a bathroom sink with ease. Both of these cleaning products have a long track record of cleaning all sorts of items. This cleaning hack will help the next time you are trying to figure out how to clean anything. Watch as years of corrosion, rust, tarnish and dirt is removed in just moments. Check out the video below and see the products in action.

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