Dumpster Diving New York Restaurants And Stores He Fills His Fridge Daily.

New York Garbage Is The Best Garbage.

New York City is a bustling metropolis and with that comes garbage. Lots and lots of garbage. This guy has found the saying of one mans trash is another mans treasure to be completely accurate. At closing time for area restaurants he goes out and does his own “shopping” if you will. Some of his finds include yogurt, sandwiches, candies, and pretzels. Most of the food is still in its original wrappers and has yet to expire.

Don’t trust the sushi dude!

The one thing I wasn’t so sure of was the sushi, not quite sure I would trust garbage sushi buy hey man, have at it. I wonder if he has ever run into this guy looking for rats.┬áSo get some gloves and head out to the local garbage pile and stock up for the big game.

Credit YouTube Gothamist