90 year old man arrested for the 3rd time for feeding the homeless.

Arrested for feeding the homeless.

90-year-old Arnold Abbott just wants to feed the homeless. He is a simple man who has championed the rights of those less fortunate his entire life. He served in the military and now wants to help his fellow-man. An ordinance in Fort Lauderdale Florida is making his gesture a criminal matter.

A food safety issue.

The laws he is apparently breaking have to do with bathroom access and cleanup facilities. Arnold has been feeding the homeless on the beach each Wednesday and continues to do so even though he has been arrested and ticketed 3 times.

Support for Arnold is strong.

The community is behind him as you will see in the video. Arnold is just trying to stand up for the homeless like this Good Samaritan did. When did we become so politically correct that it became a crime to help your fellow-man?

Credit YouTube Hezakya Mixologist