Simple Trick To Clean Like A Pro.

Clean like a pro and restore old pans to new, easy cleaning with this one simple Trick. Clean everything with one method, save time and money…

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Clean Like A Pro.

Cleaning a cookie sheet that has burned or baked on stains can seem like an impossible task. Yet, in this cleaning demonstration we show just how easy cleaning can be with Bar Keepers Friend and a little elbow grease. Learn to clean like a pro. After years of use in the oven, a Cookie Sheet or baking tray can become covered in burned on food and grease from cooking. Some cookie sheets may even begin to form rust. With this cleaning method all you will need is a scrubbing pad and some Bar Keepers Friend.

Easy Cleaning.

Simply wet the area to be cleaned and sprinkle the cleaning solution onto the area to be cleaned. Begin to work the product into the burned on stains. As you are cleaning, you will notice the foam begin to turn from clean to dirty right before your eyes. After the Bar Keepers Friend has done its work, rinse and dry the cookie sheet and see the years of neglect shine like a brand new pan.

Many Cleaning Uses.

This will work on stainless steel, aluminum and any other metal cookware cleaning project you may have. Bar Keepers Friend also works great in the bathroom in bathtubs and sinks, even the toilet cleaning can be done. One overlooked area of cleaning is a glass shower door that this works perfectly. I have used it in the kitchen to clean glass and countertops, clean an oven door glass and even to remove rust from tools. See what you can find to clean with this product. The results speak for themselves.