How To Clean Hard Water Stains And Rust From A Toilet Bowl, Bar Keepers Friend.

Clean A Toilet With Bar Keepers Friend.

Bar Keepers Friend Cleans a toilet. How To Clean Hard Water Stains And Rust From A Toilet Bowl, Bar Keepers Friend. Cleaning a toilet bowl is probably the least favorite chore in the household. The cleaning task is made even harder when the toilet bowl is stained with rust and hard water deposits. This is a bathroom cleaning trick that will make cleaning the toilet easy. Bar Keepers Friend is a powdered cleaning solution that works on metal glass and even the Porcelain of a toilet bowl. With a little elbow grease and bar Keepers Friend toilet cleaning is a snap.

Clean A Toilet The Easy Way.

When it’s time to clean the bathroom and the toilet simply follow these steps and you can turn a hard water stained, rusty toilet into a clean toilet. First remove the water from the toilet bowl. This can be done by turning off the water to the tank using the valve in the back. If you don’t feel like doing that, simply remove the water from the dirty toilet bowl with a cup and a sponge. Next sprinkle Bar Keepers Friend into the toilet bowl to be cleaned. You will want the bowl to be damp but not have standing water. Then use any scrubbing pad or brush you like to clean and remove the hard water stains with Bar Keepers Friend. The rust and dirt will simply peel away with this cleaning hack. Finally flush the toilet a few times to reveal a sparkling clean toilet.

Remove Rust And Hard Water Stains, Restore A Toilet Bowl.

 This method of cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend does not need to be done on a regular basis, this type of cleaning is for a badly stained toilet bowl. A usual toilet cleaning would be done with a regular cleaning solution and a scrub brush or toilet wand. I have found that the toilet and any other bathroom objects, like a sink or bathtub and shower stay cleaner, longer, after being cleaned with Bar Keepers Friend. The next time you are wondering how to clean a toilet bowl with rust and hard water stains. Give this cleaning solution a try.

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