Amazing Transformation Of An Antique Saw. Beautiful Finish.

Beautifully Restore Antiques.

This video shows an amazing way to restore and the transformation of an antique saw into a beautiful work of art that is fully functional. The transformation is done using good old-fashioned scrubbing. This demonstration will show How To Restore A Hand Saw, Remove Rust Corrosion And Stains, Bar Keepers Friend. An old handsaw, worn from years of use and even more years of neglect does not need to be thrown away. Learn how to restore an antique saw and clean rust to bring back a polish and shine. Rust removal can seem like a difficult chore, but it doesn’t have to be. In this example of cleaning and restoring we will use Bar Keepers Friend and a few different scrubbing pads.

Restore And Clean The Easy Way.

First remove the hardware and set aside. Next wet the area of the saw blade to be cleaned. Then apply Bar Keepers Friend cleaning solution to the saw. I started with a course wire scrub pad to clean and remove the heavy rusty deposits. Next I switched to a basic scrubbing pad and worked the Bar Keepers Friend cleaning solution into the hand saw. This began the process of lifting the fine rust particles and years of corrosion from the blade. After a few minutes of scrubbing and a little elbow grease the blade looked like new with a polished shine. I reattached the hardware and will enjoy using the hand saw for years to come.


Bar Keepers Friend Cleans Everything.

Bar Keepers Friend works well on this cleaning project, yet it also shines in the bathtub and sink. I have used this cleaning product to clean in the kitchen on cookie sheets and pans. It works as a perfect cleaning hack for a stainless steel sink.. If you are looking for the best general cleaning product I couldn’t recommend it more. Try it on hard water stains in the toilet bowl or soap stains and soap scum on a glass shower. I have even restored an old crescent wrench to new quality with ease. Thanks for watching. Enjoy.



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