How To Clean A Bathtub, Remove Rust And Hard Water Stains With Bar Keepers Friend.

Cleaning Bathtub Made Easy.

How to clean a bathtub, remove rust and hard water stains with Bar Keepers Friend. Cleaning a bathroom and tub or shower does not have to be a difficult chore. Rust removal and cleaning is easy to do. After time, bathtubs and showers can get a buildup of rust and mineral deposits from hard water or well water.



Bar Keepers Friend To The Rescue.

In this video we show how a product called Bar Keepers Friend makes cleaning your bathroom easy. This method will save money by removing and repairing rust stained bathtubs and avoiding expensive bathtub refinishing. First simply wet the area to be cleaned. Next sprinkle some Bar Keepers Friend onto a scrub pad. Then work the powder into the rust stained area of the tub or shower. Finally rinse with water and see the shine of a brand new bathtub.



Easy Cleaning Tricks.

Cleaning the bathroom and bathtub has never been easier. Bar Keepers Friend is used to clean a whole host of items including Stainless Steel, glass, pots and pans, cookie sheets, baking pans and so much more. It is often overlooked for more expensive cleaning products but works so much faster and efficient. The next time your tub or shower surround is stained with rust or hard water deposits. Reach for a can of Bar Keepers Friend and be amazed at the cleaning power. See the cleaning power in this video as well.


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