Earthwise Electric Tiller Review, The Best Electric Tiller On The Market.

Earthwise Electric Tiller.

The Earthwise Electric Tiller is a lightweight yet powerful machine that does much more than expected from an electric tiller cultivator. The earthwise tc70001 packs a powerful punch and can break through tough weeds and soil. The tiller has strong steel tines and a strong motor to prepare garden soil for planting, or break apart compacted soil for reseeding a lawn.



Great Size And Power Electric Tiller.

The Earthwise electric tiller is only 11 inches and can maneuver between rows of plants for easy weeding of an existing garden. Since it’s an electric tiller there is no need to worry about gas and oil or fumes. This garden tiller moves with ease though the dirt and is very light weight. I was very happy with the product and would recommend the Earthwise electric tiller to anyone, from a novice gardener to the most experienced. Learn more about this electric tiller here.┬áSee a demonstration video below of the powerful Earthwise Electric Tiller.