Bar Keepers Friend Removes Rust, Restores, Cleans And Polishes Metal.

Bar Keepers Friend Cleaning Magic.

Bar Keepers Friend removes rust, restores and polishes metal. The cleaning product Bar Keepers Friend can be used for many purposes. The best way to use Bar Keepers Friend is to restore and clean metal. The rust removal properties of Bar Keepers Friend have been proven over and over. In this demonstration an old rusty metal switch plate is cleaned with a small amount of Bar Keepers Friend. We used a mildly abrasive scrub pad. Simply wet the pad and apply a small amount of the cleaning powder. Next, work the powder into the metal and watch as years of rust and tarnished metal becomes new again.

Not Just For Removing Rust.

The Bar Keepers Friend cleans the dirt from the metal as well as removes rust and corrosion. This video is shot in real-time to show just how easy it is to clean in the kitchen, bathroom or any area of the home. I have yet to find a cleaning project that Bar Keepers Friend could not handle with ease.

Easy Cleaning.

If you are looking for a true all in one cleaner that makes cleaning easy, this is the only product you need. I have used Bar Keepers Friend to clean pots, pans, cookie sheets, showers, tubs, sinks and all kinds of Stainless Steel. Here is an example of how well this works on a cookie sheet. The next time you need to figure out how to clean a bathroom, kitchen or any room, just grab a bottle and get to work. Check out the video below and see the cleaning power in action.

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