The Easiest Way To Clean A Burned Up Pan Ever. Why Didn’t I Think Of That.

Clean A Cookie Sheet.

Scrubbing pans just might be the worst chore there is. Sometimes a nice pan starts to get burned up food and grease on it, you may even think of just tossing it. No matter how hard you scrub, it won’t seem to come clean. This will show an easy way to clean a cookie sheet. A video on YouTube shows an ingenious solution using items you already have at home to remove the dark stains on pans and cookie sheets.

A New Way To Clean A Cookie Sheet.

It’s a combination of Salt, Flour and a few other ingredients that form a magic cleaning paste. Who knew that could clean a pan that was headed for the trash. Check out the video below and see for yourself. While you’re at it check out the video of Gatorade cleaning a toilet, yep, it’s exactly what it says it is. Enjoy and don’t forget to share.

Credit YouTube Eddie G