30 Cleaning Tips For The Bathroom, Kitchen And House All With One Cleaning Product.

Cleaning Tips That Work.

Cleaning the house should not be a chore that you hate. These 30 cleaning tips will make your life so much easier. When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, kitchen or house, Bar Keepers Friend can’t be beat. In this video we give you 30 examples of cleaning you can do right now to make your life easier. Bar Keepers Friend is usually a Cleaning solution used to clean metal, yet it is so useful in the bathroom to clean the bathtub or shower. It works wonders cleaning a toilet and removes tough rust stains from a sink. Bar Keepers Friend also removes hard water stains from a glass shower door. Use it to polish the faucet and any other surface in the bathroom to make it shine. This is truly an all-purpose bathroom cleaner. In the kitchen use this cleaning solution to clean and polish a stainless steel sink. It will remove hard water stains and rust, in addition to leaving your stainless steel sink looking like new.


Not Just For Bathrooms.

Clean a countertop with ease, simply sprinkle some of this product on the area to be cleaned and with a little scrub, all the stains disappear. Polish brass door handles and clean the bottom of a copper pan with ease. Do you have a cookie sheet that has seen better days? Bar Keepers Friend and a regular scrub pad will bring it back to a shine. It works wonders when cleaning cookie sheets and baking trays, especially ones with burnt stains from food and grease. You can also polish silver and silver plated items. Remove years or corrosion and tarnish in just a few minutes. Stainless steel is the one item that I find this product to work the best on. Be it in the kitchen or bathroom, hard water and soap scum or soap stains don’t stand a chance. You can even clean the oven or oven door glass with this easy cleaning powder.


Bar Keepers Friend Cleans Like Magic.

There are so many uses for this you will never run out of things to clean in the house or garage. Here are some examples of the cleaning tips in this video. Some of the items cleaned in this video are silver and silver plate items. Rust stains on a countertop. A very dirty cookie sheet with years of burned on stains. A stainless steel pan that has been scorched from years of cooking. Antique items that were found at yard and garage sales, or thrift shops. An old rusty saw that shines like new after a few scrubs. An oven door that has burned and baked on grease from cooking. Brass door handles and knobs that have years of neglect that shine after a cleaning. A Porcelain bathroom sink with rust stains from hard water and soap scum.


Clean Stainless Steel.

Rust is removed from a stainless steel sink with a simple scrubbing pad with no scratches to the surface. An entire stainless steel sink is cleaned and restored to like new condition. An old brass water fitting is soaked in Bar Keepers Friend compared to Lime Away And the result is amazing. A bathtub and shower surround are cleaned and the rust and hard water stains rinse away after a few moments of cleaning. The bathtub faucet is cleaned and shines like a polished chrome bumper. A little of the cleaning powder is applied to a glass shower door and the results from removing the hard water stains and soap stains are remarkable. We even cleaned an old rusty wrench and brought it back to beautiful working order. No matter what you are cleaning I hope you find a use for Bar Keepers Friend I know it has saved my family time and effort over the years. Thanks for watching. Hope this helps in your cleaning routine.


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