Paul Anka crooning to Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit may be the strangest beautiful thing ever.

Nirvana fans never thought they would see the day Paul Anka took on their theme song. Yet, here we are. In one of the strangest crossovers in quite some time, we see Paul Anka and his band covering “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.


Paul Anka singer of such hits as “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” and “Lonely Boy” has been in the music game longer than Nirvana fans have been alive. The man wrote the theme song for The Tonight show with Johnny Carson for god sakes. Anka also wrote The lyrics for Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”. So suffice to say he’s got the musical pedigree to sing whatever he pleases. They don’t write songs like they used to it’s all a formula now, perfectly built.


I was interested to see him take on this song. It is strange and lovely in a beautiful way. Paul Anka still has the chops to pull anything off.  Young singers and songwriters take note. Some of these experienced musicians have talents and history you can only dream of. Ladies and Gentlemen I present Nirvana, by Mr. Paul Anka.

Credit YouTube Paul Anka Official